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Blue Bird

May 2010

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Blue Bird

Tutorial #6

tutorial6.png picture by soulcatcher17
Colorbalance  - Made in PSP9 - Translatable

1. Grab a base. Resize it. Crop it.
step1-1.png image by soulcatcher17 <<My base

2. These next couple steps I stole from another tutorial and sadly I can't remember which so if this looks familiar then that's why.
At this blue layer at Exclusion 100
layer2.png image by soulcatcher17 >> step2-1.png image by soulcatcher17

3. Yellow at Softlight 100
layer3.png image by soulcatcher17 >> step3-1.png image by soulcatcher17

4. Duplicate your base and bring it to the top at Screen 100
step1-1.png image by soulcatcher17 >> step4-1.png image by soulcatcher17

5. Copy merged on top layer and set it to Burn 80
step4-1.png image by soulcatcher17 >> step5-1.png image by soulcatcher17

6. Everybody's favorite colorbalance layer!
Midtones: -19 -6 20
Shadows: -77 -37 0
These settings are very sensitive to your picture. I think I pretty much brought up the cyan and magenta levels in "shadows" with my other icons so keep that in mind.
step6-1.png image by soulcatcher17

7. Copy merged on top layer Set it to Softlight 100 (varies) and in this icon I gaussion blurred it with a radius of 2 (also varies). This adjusts the gross pinkesque naked babyness going on with Dobby.
layer7.png image by soulcatcher17 >> step7-1.png image by soulcatcher17

If it's not bright enough then duplicate the screen layer and vice versa
In step seven sometimes it looks better to only copy the base and not the whole thing. 
The burn layer can vary depending on the saturation of the image. Play with that.
Basically play with everything.

I would largely appreciate it if you could find the time to comment if you found the tutorial useful and I would love it even more if you could show me your results :)

I made a batch of icons with this method found here: Only the HP icons


Nice tut, I like the ending result so I'll have to give this a shot.
Thanks, enjoy :)
i loved it! definately meming this!!! once I upload my results, I'll show ya.
Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the results :)
love it...adding to mems.
Great, hope it helps!
Very nice tutorial. HP screencaps have always been a lil tricky for me.
Keep up the good work and I'm loving translatable tutorials. Selective coloring is evil.
Yea, this works great with HP caps.
I know, I hate selective coloring tutorials.
i'm gonna try this ! :D
Okay, I hope it helps :)
Great results!
I will definitely try it out.
+ mems!
Awesome, thank you!
awesome tutorial thanks!
thank you, enjoy!
thanks for the tutorial, it works great. meming.
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
Oh my gosh! I absolutely love your graphic at the top of your page. "Make em laugh" with Donald O' Conner. He was briliant in that movie. Did you make that icon that you have as your default? I think I may want to save that to one of my folders. : )
Thank you so much! That scene was particularly awesome.

You may save it but I thought I would tell you that I have a whole "Singin' in the Rain" post a while back. =)
I'll definitely have to find that post!!! : ) lol